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The Tatra boot is coated with the BREATHTEX waterproof membrane and an enhanced lining with the breathable insulating OLANTEX film that allow your feet to stay warm and dry up to -30 °C. Like all OLANG boots, it is European made by a specialized workforce and offers a built-in swiveling and folding Oc System® to increase grip on snow and ice as well as an innersole made of 90% wool with insulating and reflective aluminium film for maximum warmth and comfort.


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Material: textile / suede
Insole: wool with insulating aluminium film, removable
Outsole: rubber
Lining: Insulating Olantex film
Side zip
Shaft height: 5 in.
Shaft width: 8 in.
Temperature rated: -30 °C / -22°F
Unique built-in grip system increase grip on snow and ice

About The Brand

With superior craftsmanship and a functionality-meets-style design, the Italian line of Olang footwear offers must-have items for the cold Canadian winter.

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