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Privacy Policy

Last update: August 22, 2014


The Privacy Policy of Jean-Paul Fortin (1997) Inc., (« JEAN-PAUL FORTIN ») sets forth its statement regarding the protection of personal information collected through the websites of the “Jean-Paul Fortin”  ( and “Les pieds sur terre” ( brands (collectively: the «Website »), The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to inform every user of the Website (hereinafter the «User » or  « You » ) about the types of personal information that JEAN-PAUL FORTIN collects, uses and may disclose to a third party in some specific cases.

By accessing and browsing on the Website and activating any or all of the hyperlinks, You confirm your acceptation of the present Privacy Policy and your understanding of its scope of application. Use of the masculine gender throughout this document includes the feminine gender and is to be understood as meaning « person ».

JEAN-PAUL FORTIN reserves its right to revise and modify the terms of the present Privacy Policy, at its sole discretion, from time to time, without prior notice.

Following the modifications of the present Privacy Policy, the continued use by the User of the Website will constitute the acceptance of these modifications by the User and the latter will be bound by such modifications. The User is responsible for periodically reviewing this Privacy Policy and any modifications thereto.

Notwithstanding the foregoing, the provisions of the Terms and Conditions of Use of the Website shall continue to govern the rights and obligations of the User and JEAN-PAUL FORTIN.

  1. 1.                       What is Personal Information?

“Personal Information” shall mean any information about an identifiable individual person. The type of personal information that JEAN-PAUL FORTIN collects, uses and discloses through the Website may include your name, age, mailing address, phone numbers, e-mail address, and financial and credit information related to the purchase through the Website (hereinafter « Personal Information » ).

2.         How is it possible for the User to give its consent?

As often as possible, JEAN-PAUL FORTIN will obtain the express consent of the User before collecting the Personal Information of this User. Except when otherwise permitted by law, the User may withdraw his consent to the collection, use and/or disclosure at any time upon providing the Privacy Officer of JEAN-PAUL FORTIN mentioned hereafter with a written notice.

3.         How the Personal Information of the User is collected?

The Website is not a mean of collection of Personal Information but rather a medium used to communicate information, advertise publicity, promote products offered at JEAN-PAUL FORTIN and facilitate purchase through the Website. When Personal Information is needed, JEAN-PAUL FORTIN will always collect such Personal Information by fair and lawful means. To this end, JEAN-PAUL FORTIN does not request or seek out Personal Information from children or person under the age of thirteen (13) years and refuses to enter into an agreement with such person.

JEAN-PAUL FORTIN may collect Personal Information from the User given the latter gives his consent prior to such collection of Personal Information, except when the laws provide that no formal consent is required.

4.         Under Which Circumstances is the Personal Information of the User Collected ?

From time to time, JEAN-PAUL FORTIN may directly request communication of the Personal Information of the User through the Website with the User’s consent. Hence, JEAN-PAUL FORTIN may collect Personal Information in the following circumstances:

  • To allow a purchase or a transaction through the Website;
  • To allow the set-up of a user account by the User;
  • To allow the subscription of the User to promotional materials and subscription lists;
  • To facilitate the participation to different contests;
  • To allow the voluntary participation of the User to surveys aimed at measuring the users habits, needs or preferences;
  • To allow communications on the JEAN-PAUL FORTIN’ pages on social media (such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest);
  • To answer to different requests or questions;
  • Through the use of “cookies”, which facilitate the browsing on the Website. JEAN-PAUL FORTIN uses cookies in order to track and keep a record of statistic of visits and frequentation of the Website. Cookies are small data files transferred to a computer’s hard-drive by a website when a user accesses the Website.

5.         To Whom Your Personal Information May Be Provided?

JEAN-PAUL FORTIN uses Personal Information to serve internal purposes only. However, JEAN-PAUL FORTIN may disclose your Personal Information in some specific cases to the following third parties:

a)         To a financial institution or a credit company in the event of a purchase made through the Website by the User which implies a payment made by credit card;

b)         To service distributors pursuant to contracts with JEAN-PAUL FORTIN which have comparable levels of security protection of the Personal Information and which use the Personal Information to perform services to the User on behalf of JEAN-PAUL FORTIN or administrative purposes such as, printing, faxing, archiving or managing the documents and emails;

c)         To any third parties when required by laws;

6.         What Safeguards Have JEAN-PAUL FORTIN Implemented to Protect the Personal Information of the User?

JEAN-PAUL FORTIN has put in place different measures aimed at ensuring, as much as possible, the safety of the Personal Information of the User against the unauthorized access, use or copy. JEAN-PAUL FORTIN therefore uses security safeguards which include physical measures, such as restricted access to offices and records that may contain Personal Information collected, used and communicated through the Website.

Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the Website is equipped with security safeguards and characteristics with a higher degree of protection appropriate to the sensitivity of the Personal Information collected, including:

  • The on-line order forms are protected and are only available through a secured access;
  • The data exchanged when completing a transaction is encrypted in a way that only allows reading by the authorized personnel of JEAN-PAUL FORTIN;
  • The access to the on-line catalogue of products offered is controlled by a firewall;
  • The order completed by the User is hosted on a secured server;
  • The payments made through the Website are verified by Moneris MC, an external transactional secured system of payment.

7.         What Precautions Should the User Take While Proceeding to a Transaction Through the Website? 

When giving Personal Information, the User should pay attention to ensure the secured environment by the locked padlock symbol located in the top or bottom corner of your internet navigator. The User may click on this symbol to obtain more information on the secured server protection.

Also, if, after completion of a transaction or in session, the User needs to leave momentarily his computer unattended, it is important to logout from the session. In order to safely logout of the session, the User may click on the “Cancel " button, empty the temporary files memory of the Internet navigator and close the Internet navigator.

8.         How May JEAN-PAUL FORTIN Ensure the Accuracy of the Personal Information Collected?

JEAN-PAUL FORTIN uses reasonable efforts to ensure that the Personal Information of the User is kept as accurate, complete and up-to-date as possible. To fulfill this purpose, the User is invited, at any time, to change, complete or update his record of Personal Information through a secured access on the Website. 

9.         How May the User Contact JEAN-PAUL FORTIN in Order to Have Access to the Personal Information Record and in Some Cases, Make a Complaint?

Any User that has communicated Personal Information to JEAN-PAUL FORTIN through the Website may access, rectify or update the Personal Information record by a written request to the Privacy Officer. In the event of such request, JEAN-PAUL FORTIN will answer with diligence. JEAN-PAUL FORTIN will indicate to the User which Personal Information has been collected and will therefore give the User access to the Personal Information record by transmitting a copy of such Personal Information record. In the case JEAN-PAUL FORTIN would refuse User’s access to some or the whole of his Personal information, JEAN-PAUL FORTIN will advise the User of the rights and remedies available to him.

10.       Are There Any Costs for Requesting Personal Information Records?

Access to a Personal Information record under the name of the User is free. However, a reasonable charge may be required when the User requests the transcription, reproduction or transmission of such information. The User will be notified, following the request for transcription, reproduction or transmission of the appropriate amount that will be charged by JEAN-PAUL FORTIN.

11.       How Personal Information Record Are Kept and/or Destroyed?

JEAN-PAUL FORTIN may keep a record of Personal Information of the User collected through the Website. JEAN-PAUL FORTIN will use, disclose or retain the Personal Information for as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes for which it was collected and as required or otherwise permitted by law. JEAN-PAUL FORTIN will establish minimum and maximum retention periods and procedures for maintaining and destroying the Personal Information in respect to the privacy of the User.

12.       How to Contact JEAN-PAUL FORTIN or Make a Complaint?

The records containing Personal Information are usually kept at the head office of JEAN-PAUL FORTIN. All complaints or other inquiries regarding Personal Information or the interpretation of the present policy should be forwarded to the Privacy Officer of JEAN-PAUL FORTIN at the following coordinates: 


C/O: Privacy Officer


2050, de Celles

Québec City, (Québec)


G2C 1X8

Tel.: 1-418-845-5369

Toll free: 1-877-683-0436

E-mail : [email protected]

JEAN-PAUL FORTIN will use its best efforts in order to answer diligently any user’s inquiry.