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Jean-Paul Fortin

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SKU: 43091010

  • Fully waterproof high top galosh with neoprene upper, coated front zip and anti-slip rubber outsole
  • M = 6-7.5, L= 8-9.5, XL = 10-11.5, XXL = 12-13.5

Material: rubber
Outsole: anti-slip, rubber

About The Brand

Swims, a Norwegian lifestyle brand known for reinventing classics, was established by Johan Ringdal in 2005 with the launch of colourful galoshes. The brand extended the utility of the loafer by using materials and state-of-the-art technology to create multi-functional products designed to be worn in the ocean, at the pool, or on the deck of a boat.

Size guide Size guide

M = 6-7.5, L= 8-9.5, XL = 10-11.5, XXL = 12-13.5

Color: black