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Jean-Paul Fortin

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The Debora boot is made from a combination of suede and leather, then coated with the BREATHTEX waterproof membrane. It is lined with the breathable insulating OLANTEX film that ensures warm comfort up to -30 °C. It also features a built-in swiveling and folding Oc System® to increase grip on snow and ice as well as an 90% wool insole with insulating and reflective aluminium film for maximum warmth and comfort.

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Material: suede / leather
Insole: removable
Outsole: rubber
Lining: insulating Olantex film
Side zip
Shaft height: 6.5 in.
Shaft width: 10 in.
Temperature rated: -30 °C / -22°F
Unique built-in grip system increase grip on snow and ice

About The Brand

With superior craftsmanship and a functionality-meets-style design, the Italian line of Olang footwear offers must-have items for the cold Canadian winter.

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Color: black